What is Classic Men’s Style?

What is classic men’s style?  What is the difference between other men’s styles?  Why did you even click on the link to come to this site?  All these questions may be running through your head…..or not, but I believe explain or at least attempt to help you understand what this site is about and what it’s not about.

First, let me clarify what I believe is classic men’s style: conservative fashion that stands the test of time.  Those simple rules that keep a man in style no matter the occasion.  It is not “high fashion” or “cutting edge” fashion like this.  I believe it is more to the effect of this:

Simple examples, I know, but it should get you into the mindset as to what I am trying to get at.  By no means is this the end of what I believe men’s classic style is either.  There are “dress down” days and casual days.  Sweater days and tuxedo nights.  What is the daily wear in Milan, Italy vs. San Diego, CA?  All to come in good time my friend, all to come.

Where can you find fashion like this?  That is also what I will be exploring.  Over the last 5 years, I have traveled to a few countries and found incredible places that have great fashion for men, at some affordable prices too.  I will attempt to feature these locations from around the world monthly or weekly or whenever I can all while combining some needed tips on what looks good and what doesn’t.

So please take the time to explore this site and if something looks good to you, click on it.  Comments are welcome but please keep them clean.  Thank you.


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